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We are building software to help people manage their business

FeaturesThe featurers of SpeedNex

User friendly and flexible

Software design is easy and user friendly. System architecture is flexible for future changes.

User Authentication and Rights

User access system by login with assigned rights to the user group.


Dashboard divided into four blocks in which current Inventory, Today purchases (Includes in trans vehicles), Today IN (Not includes in trans) and the vehicles delivered today to customers.

Complete Vehicle Record

Vehicle record contains Customer Booking, Vehicle Make, Model, Grade, Color, Transmission, Engine no, Chassis no, Registration no, Dealer, Received documents, purchase price, purchase charges, payments, features, scan and attach documents, pictures. Vehicle tracking is with CL#.

Sales Invoice and Delivery Letter

Contains Vehicle info, Customer info, Sale Price, sale charges and customer receipt at the time of sale. Delivery letter is supporting document of verification that product has been delivered to customer with final sattlement.

Suppliers Database & Payable Record.

Maintaine suppliers profile by their classifications, and manage their accounts ledgers.

Thumb, Picture & Attachments.

Thumb scanner for secure the delivery of vehicle and Browse and attach images for documents/instruments, customer and vehicle.

Comprehensive Reports.

Income Statement, Receivable Bookings, Single Vehicle Profit/Loss, Customer and Suppliers ledgers, delviery letter, Payables, Receivables, current Inventory and Admin Expenses.

Showroom Management System record and maintaine the vehicle booking, purchase, sale, delivery and accounts. Suppliers payments and customer receipts and there ledgers accordingly. Company profit and loss status by Income Statement.

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More than 1000 user use SpeedNex

1200 Downloader
625 Windows user

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